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I hired Michelle Murray to help with a lawsuit against a neighbor who owed me money. This neighbor co-owned my condex and refused to pay her share of the maintenance bills. After Michelle’s intervention as an attorney, not only did she help win my case, but she also helped the court award me what was owed to me, $600. I would recommend her legal services without reservations.

- (4 star review)

She is a great Lawyer!

Attorney Murray was able to retrieve tens of thousands of dollars that was owed to me in back child support. I live out of state. She made everything so easy and was very sympathetic and understanding.

- (5 star review)


Michelle handled my divorce. She is smart, experienced and hard working. She is also ethical, compassionate and capable of relating on a personal level which is helpful when difficult decisions need to be made. I highly recommend Michelle.

- (5 star review)

Tara Doherty review of Michelle Murray

I hired Michelle Murray as my lawyer for my divorce three years ago. I felt confident and very happy with her services. She was not only professional but personable. It took a lot of the stress of the entire process off myself so I could concentrate on what was important, my children. I then hired her to go back when things got rocky one year after the divorce. My ex-husband was not following the divorce agreement. It was easy and fast and everything got resolved. It was like walking into the court with a shield of armor having Michelle with me. Now unfortunately I will be going back again. And Michelle will again be by my side. I would highly recommend Michelle Murray to anyone looking for a competent lawyer.

- (5 star review)

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